Golf Battle (Mod)

Golf Battle (Mod)

2022/12/29 at 16:12

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NameGolf Battle (Mod)
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RequiresAndroid 4.1+

Golf Battle (Mod)

This game is all about the two best features of golf: Hitting furiously long drives and kicking your friends’ butts! That is why we have produced this network based action golf game – with the driver as your only weapon.
In the game you will be able to battle on four different courses, from four different continents. When you play the game for the first time, two of the courses will be available to play. The other two you will have to earn your right to play…
Custom Shot Amount to Auto Reach Hole // x1 – x10 Slider. After selected number of tries, when you shoot, your ball will automatically reach Hole.
+ Slider Value 0 = OFF
+ Slider Value 1 = Automatic Hole in One (Avoid doing this, it can result in a ban)
+ Slider Values 2-10 are much safer

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